Starbucks in Germany

I have been always interested in a business place such as Starbucks, a famous franchise for a business that provides a nice environment for friends or family to talk and be with each other. 🙂 There are several Starbucks in Bonn, Cologne, Berlin and Munich!! Amazing for me. Since now I am in Germany, I really want to go there once and for all. Finally, a new friend of mine made it come true. I thank him (Moritz Hartmann) very much for this.
Why was I so crazy about this? I love such a business as it is my dream to have the one like that. When I traveled to Munich (another great city of Germany), I buzzed my cousin for going there. But because time was very short between me and her, I skipped it.
Cambodia’s business
In Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, there is a place of which name is “Starbucks”, but newspaper proves that it has sort of cheated people as it is not real Starbucks as it says it is. But I don’t know why so far there has not been any court case brought against that “Starbucks” [in Cambodia].
The only comment I gave after drinking Starbucks’ coffee in Cologne was, “It tastes like coffee.” Oh well, such a place provides services and a nice environment. I am sure that in the future, business like that will blossom or make a lot of profit. I read it somewhere that business similar to that really pays off. In Cambodia, we have ‘Tea and Coffee/T&C”, “Cafe Sentiment”, “Lucky Burger”, “Lucky Seven” and a few other shops that sell hamburgers and fried chickens. I love those places but on the other hand, it’s very westernized to have all these in a country like Cambodia. What do you think? I have no idea at all whether it is good or bad. It always depends, right?

Starbucks souvenir
Starbucks souvenir

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  1. Hi Nila, wow you are in German! WOOOOWOWWW. I miss Starbuck a lot. I’m one of biggest fan.
    I’m not sure if it’s good or bad to have those western foods in Cambodia. But I just love those foods. To be clear, I love all kind of foods.
    Hey post a lot of pictures while u in Germany k?

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