Stopping people from crying

I don’t know if you don’t think it’s a sin to stop people from crying. But I hate it when someone threatens to stop you from crying. The person doesn’t actually understand the value of crying. What’s wrong with crying? We only cry to release the pain and sorrow hidden inside…crying isn’t that intolerable… it’s good to cry than to fight and commit violence toward someone or something in front of us.
We cry because we don’t want the pain to rule us.
We cry because we know that it helps.
We cry since after crying, we get better.
We cry because we don’t want to hurt anyone…
Girls, boys, the old and the young can cry… there’s no limit…
Cry me a river. Cry me an ocean…
Crying, crying, crying.. I like the sense of ‘crying’… it releases stress….
Cry cry cry… because it’s much better than people using violent words and actions against others… to persuade others, one needs skills to persuade and make others see the truth… violent words/actions are frown up on… because they show the weak side of the person/people when people aren’t able to use peaceful ways to persuade or make others see