Oh, how can you deal with break-up?

Oh, how badly break-up can break the heart! I never expect it happens to us human beings because it is something nobody wants to touch and it does destroy the soul.

How does it start? And what things lead to this broken state of life? Sometimes, it’s the fault of the girl; sometimes it’s the boy’s. But after all, why don’t they both work it out vigorously? We need patience and time to cope with everything in life. I think this is the right way because many people have just done the same things.

A friend of mine blurted out once, saying, “When people (want to) break up, why don’t they take time to think about when they first love each other, care of and hold each other?” In a fast-progressing world, it may take a few days for someone to end a relationship; it may just take a few hours to forget someone in the head.

But I assure that it takes a lifetime to see the truth and find a true love. ” Usually, those who break-up don’t forgive each other and tend to blame each other. It’s no use criticizing but helping the other see what is right and wrong, what should be done, and how life should go on…It’s hard, right? Maybe it does..However, again and again, forgiveness is very necessary. We all love peace and peace is with us all if we reach it inside. Forgiveness is humane— forgiveness and compassion are the most important elements in life. Perhaps, more importantly and interestingly, forgiveness keeps us peaceful because revenge and anger are very tiring. Exceedingly tiring!

Atonement is there when one is not prepared to deal with break-up (relationship) in a right way.

2 thoughts on “Oh, how can you deal with break-up?”

  1. Sometimes, they need a break time to step backward to see the whole things again.

    Break-up is none of both party’s fault. But if they love each other enough, they would know how to give and take; to forgive and forget. So both parties should think about it over if they had given and taken enough and think twice before decide to break up their relationship. Before that, they need to sit and talk.

    However, break-up doesn’t mean to hold the grudge or anything. Move on if thing doesn’t work out.

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