Sunday's Curfew-Not!

Two beauties: newly built government building and old “Building”
Human beings are very emotional, not just robots which only work none-stop and cannot feel anything humane. When there is a discussion about money going on fiercely, I want to jump in the middle and shout to everyone’s ear that ‘You’re not born with money or money-faced.’
As I have always reminded myself of every precious day, I, this time, today experienced an unforgettable feeling and too much more I should not have seen. My day started very badly and ended very emotionally!! There is so much I want to say but can never say much. There is so much I want to do yet still cannot finish. There is little to be said and done.
I really like to sleep in on Sundays, but I didn’t. I woke up just early. As you know, I love starting a story with ‘get up’. I think it is similar to being first born as a human being, of which your life can be misled if wrongly instructed. Likewise, your day can go wrong when you get up on the wrong side of the bed. Just after I opened my eyes wide, I suddenly remembered two pieces of homework (feature news about the lotus flower and 20-picture task to be fulfilled by Monday evening).
Then, I felt guilty because I thought I ought to have pondered about something critical. Yesterday’s evening, my father fainted and fell flat on his face on the floor while I was in the Phnom Penh stadium watching a live Cube concert. I felt like a fugitive trying to escape from the police. The police were my conscience which told me to go see my father. I burst out sobbing among my friends whom I avoided from seeing my tears. I didn’t feel like going now. Not because I was enjoying the concert. Perhaps, it’s because I couldn’t or dared not (to) accept it; I couldn’t bear seeing my father’s condition. I knew it because my older sister sent me a phone message and asked me to go back home. I messaged back quickly and asked how my father was. She reassured me and told me he was then fine as a doctor came and gave him a nice injection once to calm his nerve. Now, I have been informed that his blood level/pressure went down because on the day he took a lot of tablets. That was terrible.
My nerve calmed down for a few hours, after which my sisters’ row started to ignite it. As a Cambodian saying puts it, dishes are always susceptible to knocking just like human beings to fighting. A common row to win over who’s the boss and who should do what. My father sleeping inside the hammock commented how funny and unlucky to have daughters. He is a good father for us. Yes, you might say your father is good too :). There’s one thing about my father. Though in the past he was a hot-blooded man who didn’t work so hard and was quite impulsive, since his marriage he has toiled during the days and behaved so admirably. He doesn’t drink or smoke, which is a good phenomena that stops strokes that should have happened to him. Doctors say his heart becomes bigger and grown a bit over his right lung. It will never shrink but can grow bigger if he still goes on working. Nowadays, we children do not let him work hard any longer, but he’s not a man who likes staying still. He will put himself into work if neither of us can’t deal with any work ourselves. We don’t like this, though, as we need him to rest.
I want to say to him, “Dear father, please be restassured! I’m growing up. Now it’s time for you to relax. It’s time for you to enjoy your free time and cosy life. I’ll work harder.”

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