The nice sky but look down, down…

I took these pictures..haha…look like a nice day…but down..the sewage system..

6 thoughts on “The nice sky but look down, down…”

  1. Wow, that’s great picture showing your mind and your heart which are the combination of funny things and good thing that are rising on the dirty thing.

  2. Hi Brother Poch (hope it’s not a monkey’s name)

    You’re right. It floods when there’s heavy rain. 🙂
    “We can’t always look up without thinking of what’s on our way!

    Hi Peter (M)
    Thanks a lot for your comment.Yeah, this is funny at look at the clear blue sky but then you’ll see a dark liquid flowing and it can flood the whole city if nobody cares.

  3. Hey, I’ve seen the place in the pictures. I’ve driven along this place occasionally. But you know what, I’ve recently tried avoid travelling along that way anymore mainly because of the smell. It’s aweful. I just can’t stand the smell at all. The bad smell and everything about this open sewage system just makes everything around awful too.

    Anyway, because your useful instructions, I’ve just created my own blog and i’m very excited about it!!! It’s


  4. Hey, hey, I’ve read several of your posts heuy! They’re all marvelous. I must say, I really like your posts about your first year at DMC and, especially, the story about your cat’s death, which is truly, truly magical. I like it a lot. Supercool!!! SuperAwesome!!! You’re wonderful!!! Keep up the great work, and I will always be your fan!!! =)

    Anyway, plz don forget to send the pics you took for my friend and I with my teacher, ok? Anyway, would you mind sending me some group photos we took there, too? I would like a few to post on my blog too. Thanks very much in advance!!!

  5. OHhh….Longdy, thanks a million for your inspiring comments. I am also glad you like them very much. Sometimes I feel that stories should be so true that we feel like reading them. IT’s about life which we learn everything just to live :).

    Thanks. I’ll send the pics to you soon.

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