Third time in Berlin/Germany

Hey, I’m back again after quite a long absence. It’s totally a new feeling as I write another personal blog post again but in a foreign country, not Cambodia. 😉

walking with friends from India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Zambia, Zimbawe, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh

I’ll be here in Berlin, Germany, for two months, attending a workshop on multimedia and online journalism. How cool! Ain’t it an exciting course! Well, personally I feel it is an enriching program to explore. Below are some things I will be taught:
Within 9 weeks, I’ll be learning: media landscape of other participants’ countries, Internet technology, security safety, blogging, writing for the web, photo-editing, slide show, blogging for news websites, audio-editing (audacity), photography, audio slide show, video editing, information architecture, web design, social media strategy, online research, copy rights or Internet policing, CMS (wordpress), web project, Mobile web,IIJ-FAZ media (conference), excursion, how to optimize websites, Economics of web, journalist ethnics, train the trainers and finally evaluation!

10 thoughts on “Third time in Berlin/Germany”

  1. Although I think we can learn all these back in Cambodia, it’s quite an experience to do just that in a multinational setting like in Germany… Good luck.

  2. It’s indeed an interesting course Nila and good luck. Hope you are not homesick for the 2 months

  3. Nila, it is great. And all courses are interesting. Hope you will share your knowledge with Cambodian journalists….. good luck!

  4. Nounila–I just discovered your blog site….very interesting and education….keep up the good work:-)

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