What do you want to do in your life?

Isn’t this a very common question individuals ask themselves? How many times have you asked yourself this question and since when? Obviously, life’s core value is we’re born for a particular purpose; that’s to live well. Just as a funny saying puts it, “Live to eat or eat to live.” 🙂
From time to time, I question the common sense out of myself. What do I want and what do I wanna do in life? When I don’t know the answer, it gets too overwhelming to go on living sometimes. But I’ve learnt to loosen up a bit. I’m not greedy though a little bit ambitious. Yes, I want to do this and that… but when I get to it, I am still eager for more. That’s until when I know I don’t want to do it anymore. Isn’t it natural? With these things going on and out of my way, I’d better prepare myself for other things. I am not going to let myself indulge in material things. I am going to live my life to the fullest.
Fortunately, I’ve just acquired a new life principle from friends, and that is to say, we should give more than receive. I have ever heard of ‘Give more, receive more’, yet it is unclear as to whether we can receive after giving. There are people who give more, receive more or are balanced in giving and receiving. But of course, not many people are able to afford to give more than they can. As a vulnerable human being, we should realize that we will never be satisfied with the things we have— we look for more and get more. Nontheless, there is no escaping the fact that we should give more without expecting to receive things from others. Genorosity with things is or is not limited; but genorosity with feelings and actions is never. Therefore, here’s the thing: I want to give more in my life without expecting to receive things back. Just like when I help friends, I don’t need to expect to be given anything material back. Anticipation for it is only a state of living with a fifty-fifty chance– you’ll get or not. After all, ‘giving more’ with a careful consideration leads to self-less society. You know, the world will be more beautiful when this happens. Some people think badly of giving more; they feel it is going to make them lose advantage or stand on the edge of the world since things are running out. That’s not.
Now close your eyes. Imagine, when your pen runs out of ink, one of your friends lends you one. Or when your bike is flat, a person standing next you offers to walk along the road with you to a garage. Just imagine– and you’ll understand more what I want to say. Since the page is running out, I must stop here.

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