Wild Swan-Look at how the world is repeating its own mistakes.

Wild Swan
Wild Swan

I am in the process of reading this book written by a Chinese lady (Jung Chang) who’s now residing in England. I couldn’t believe anyone could write this book with so much creativity of making you feel as if you’re really there. I really appreciate her efforts to do a great deal of research about her grandmother, mother and what happened during the time she had spent living in China. There are some situations which I find absolutely similar to situations many people were in, during the Khmer Rouge regime. For instance, her book says that a father killed his own baby for her flesh and meat because he was so hungry that he couldn’t stand his own hunger. He later confessed to an official for his daughter’s murder and asked to be severely punished. In this case, what a normal person like me could do while reading this was sadly pondering why this horrible thing/regime happened in China and Cambodia. According to my mother’s vivid memory, some parents during the Khmer Rouge regime did commit such a thing for their own survival. There are many interesting patches I found interesting: for instance, paranoia among Chinese people and the fact that Mao ideologically injected his nonsensical belief into his people which led to killings and more severe punishments.
I came to realize that Pol Pot, aka Salot Sar, imitated what Mao did: deceiving silent but strong critics to speak, so they could be persecuted; forcing people to believe that reasons or logics didn’t matter; who didn’t follow orderes or showed some sort of negative reaction to his regime could be smashed, or if not, forever suffer. I let the book describe the necessary details for you.
After all, I recommend every Cambodian read this book to especially draw some similiaries as well as a few differences between what happened during the Cultural Revolution in china and the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

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  1. Hi Nila, it is such a coincidence that I am also reading this book. I’m in the middle of it now. Me too, I can’t put off the book everytime i read it. I am really amazed by the way she narrate every event in the book and the wake she wake us (the readers) up from being drown into the complete lose of our sensation to the very point/scenario being discussed.
    So now you got confirmation that another Cambodian also read this book, hehehe.

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