A proverb worth a thousand thoughts

Accept the truth, and your future will be beautiful.

This sentence was printed on the back of the T-shirt I spotted while riding my bike back home.  A friend of mine says that it sounds very much like a Buddhist saying. Actually, I have accepted some ugly truth entrenched upon me so far. Will my future be bright and beautiful? I don’t know.
Now it always relies on the present, and I hope we can change on time. Spiritually, this word is very nice, but physically, will the world be bright and beautiful? What I have had in my mind at this moment are: global warming/climate change, the Copenhagen summit and what action all the countries in the world will take to curb an apocalypse or a catastrophe from occurring to the earth. This proverb can apply to many things in life whether it’s spiritual, physical or…. you ill it out yourself, please…