Life gotta move on.

Time flies, and it is now up to my to win my spurs, to prove my worth. Happiness to me now is just a flash in the pan because things start to fall into me non-stop. After my baby sister’s marriage, I have begun to think a lot of what life ahead will be like. There will be a lot of changes occurring to my life. I want none of them now. I want things to stay the same the way they used to be: nice, sweet and orderly.
Who ever thought I would have a brother-in-law living in the same house? How should I behave to other in-laws? What if one day they moved out? Hmm, this is unthinkable at the moment.

sister's engagement (newly-wed)
sister's engagement (newly-wed)

What else has changed? Relationship and friendship are real matters here. They come and go away invisibly. One day, a person is sweet to you, yet the other day he or she turns too sour for you to put up with. And, I have decided to move on and never look back at the past. Whatever happened happened = Que sera sera.
Even my jobs. I have decided to quit the job I respect the most. Being part of an international team was all I was proud of. I got to learn so much from where I had worked for nearly two years. I am going to miss the work and, yes, the mistakes I envisage I would make if I had to be there forever.
After I had a chit-chat with my professor today, I know that I am a kind of person who likes to go solo when it comes to work. I prefer travelling alone and have no string attached with others. It is both good and bad. It’s good because it demonstrates my strong ability and independence; yet it is bad as it shows my lack of engagement in the team work. The ugly truth is that I am going to work in a team in the foreseeable future. Who ever thinks that I will have the job that I have dreamt of since I was 12 years old? In a response to “What do you want to be in the future?”, at the age of 12, I kept answering, “I want to become a professor.”

2 thoughts on “Life gotta move on.”

  1. Hey – I wish you lots of luck with your new job. I know you’ll be a GREAT professor. They chose the right person. I hope you’ll enjoy teaching and I’m sure that your students will enjoy being taught by you! 🙂

  2. Thorsten, thank you. I’ll be just an assistant, I hope. I don’t want to be a professor immediately because I don’t think I am not qualified for that. Maybe i didnt make myself clear in the post. Hehehe. I don’t know if they feel okay about being taught by me. Hehehe. Hope I wont make them talk too much in the class if I happen to teach 😀

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