Become a dad at 13 years old

(From the Sun Newspaper)
You may be as astounded as I was when I found out that this boy Alfie Patten is now just 13 years old but already becomes a father. And, the girl is 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman. Many people asked if he’s the youngest father in Britain. In fact, there was another boy who became a father when he was just 12 years old.

6 thoughts on “Become a dad at 13 years old”

  1. Oh goh! 13 years old became father. What’s the world function! It’s hard for me to believe this. But yeah, anything can happen in this world.

  2. Keep in mind, not too long ago in terms of the human species, people did not live as long and got married much earlier. A better thought would be why are we physically able to make children at such an early age. Its because we did at one time far more often just a few hundred years ago. I am not suggesting a society of very young parents in a modern context, but I am interested in why these two very young people found comfort in something thats a lot of mental and physical hard work. We dont often live in a migratory fashion hunting on the land, but in cities and working for food. For starters, I wonder if these two were only children in their families. Not having any exposure to siblings could have influenced such a path. Now it is a huge family burden.


  3. @Piseth: Yeah, bro, anything can happen. This is unbelieveable, indeed!

    @ Panharath: How come? 😀 .. it comes from childish curiosity and one thing, they believe in God :D.

    @ Jonathan: yes, it’s a huge burden for the whole family now.

    @Anonymous: His sperm is fertile, i guess.

    @Bong Vutha, don’t be surprised. Some boys develop pubity faster than the others.

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