Valentine's Day in Cambodia

I do not know what’s happening — but I’m not a big fan of Cambodia’s Valentine’s Day. However, I do like this Day because it represents Love for all. 🙂
The girl is preparing her flowers for sales.
Women sellers are selling red roses today

Teenagers are enjoying Valentine’s Day, Feb 14.
(Images by Tang Chhin Sothy, AFP photographer)

8 thoughts on “Valentine's Day in Cambodia”

  1. Valentines Day in many parts of the world can be a stressful tradition. For the most part, one person gets flowers for the other person, but the interesting thing is that its no surprise, but expected. If flowers are expected and are not given, hurt feelings can be experienced. Does it mean one person does not care for another person if flowers are forgotten. Thats silly. I guess it can be considered a forced tradition. If I were with a significant other, I would prefer something simple, sharing dinner and taking a long walk together, although this is normal every day behavior or me. Flowers are nice, but why just once a year when its no surprise 🙂


  2. Many young cambodian girl were lost their virgin on valentine’s day.

    Where is the word ? ” srey khmer jea srey sophea reap sa doch sam put knong phnot “

  3. @Jonathan, you’re right.
    Flowers are nice, but why just once a year when its no surprise

    @anonymous: That’s very sad, they pick the day to do just that… but the real matter is nto really like that… who cares about that? But we are afraid they catch new diseases or whatever makes them ill… and also, they (girls) should understand that if boys love them for sure, the boys shouldn’t choose just the day to make the girls show love.

    @Harish Naik: Are you from India? thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, the photos are so nice.. I didn’t take them. 😀


  4. If a girl/lady looses her virginity to her loved one either on Valentine’s Day or on Pchum Ben’s day, so be it. Records show that when a person finds her right partner and her love is fulfilled, she tends to be more productive in life, more happy, less anger, less mood swing adjustments or maybe more blogging. Sopheap reap sa is good but sopheap reap sa needs love too and love demands risk.

  5. Valentine day is a good for girl with her lover, but a very bad day for girl with girl hunter, so love demand risk and how can they (girls) do to avoice this? Therefore, som put knog pnot is right for them because we are Khmer.

  6. This article is still look great for the valentine’s this year and I hope it will bring lots more interesting in 2012.

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