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Now when we talk about social media in Cambodia, Facebook always comes at the top, followed by Twitter and recently Google Plus. The current number of Cambodian Facebooks has surpassed a half million according to Social Bakers website. What is even more reliable in terms of the exact number of Facebookers in Cambodia is the Facebook itself. Just about 5% of the total population: 15 million, eh?

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.03.56 AM
Number of Cambodian Facebookers as of now. Source: Facebook

And, We Are Social has some interesting graphic about social media and mobile use in Cambodia.

It is now clear to me and others that organizations or businesses should commit the necessary resources to build their social media fan base and interact with them more. Generally, Facebook allows you to pay for their ads space. $200 a month is an average amount put into Facebook advertisements, not to mention some amount of time spent by a few employees to post information and interact with fans. Anyway, paying for Facebook ads isn’t the only way to increase fans and engage youth in your campaigns. Think harder, or post questions/comments here.

Unicef talks about their social media strategy
Unicef talks about their social media strategy

In all seriousness, Facebook is a must for some big shots like the US Embassy. They started the Facebook page and Twitter about the same time, back in 2009. You can read more to find out about the US Embassy’s social media: the interview between Michelle Bennette and Simon Oliver.
The US Embassy puts a lot of efforts into their Facebook.
The US Embassy put a lot of efforts into their Facebook page.

I particularly like the way the US State Department as well as a big shot like UNICEF has realized the value of building social media to reach out to young Cambodians out there. I have seen an interest among other businesses and organizations in tapping into social media. However, a few others are still reluctant to recognize the full potential of this tool. Wait until others get their trophy first!
I just met some Cambodian bloggers and a rep from the US embassy, and one of the bloggers is a blogger princess "Norodom Soma". :D She blogs at about her experience in Cambodia and her thoughts on many issues. She also regularly writes a column for the Post. — with Tharum Bun, Saoyuth Dara and Uoeung Bonsovathary.
I met some Cambodian bloggers and a rep from the US embassy back in December last year 2012. We discussed many things from social media to freedom of speech. Above all else, blogging. Left to right: Tharum Bun, Dara Saoyuth, Yarat, Sean, Norodom Soma, Sovathary and me.

I heard when Hilary Clinton was appointed by President Barack Obama, she had been seen as a strong advocate for social media to be used by the State Department. This field trip to the US Mercy Ship via a helicopter provided by the US Embassy back in August 2012 was one of their strategic approaches to get closer to bloggers and therefore appeal to the bloggers’ fans.
Helicopter ride to US Mercy Ship
Helicopter ride to US Mercy Ship

Tharum Bun has scribbled down his helicopter ride experience.
Me, the navy officer and Tharum Bun
Me, the US Navy Military officer and Tharum Bun (pic on Tharum’s blog)

US Embassy Facebook Page and Twitter
Indian Embassy Facebook Page
UK Embassy Facebook Page
Unicef Facebook Page

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  1. It was a nice workshop as I got to learn a lot about the social media strategy of the US Embassy and Unicef. Very insightful, really! I still have a few other pictures. I can definitely send some to you. 😀

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