BLOG POST turns into news

As a result of my earlier blog post, a friend helped post the article ina Campro mailing list popular among Cambodian professionals and the other friend suggested the article to one of the English language newspapers “Cambodia Daily.” Oh boy, I didn’t expect it because it was just a piece full of frustration. It has made me happy however, in the sense that a lot of people could get informed about the pain one has to go through and therefore make better decisions.



3 thoughts on “BLOG POST turns into news”

  1. Congratulation! I have read your post before the Cambodia Daily published it. I will find interesting news to post in my blog and I hope that some day, I will see my post on Cambodia Daily too. I have one question.
    How to put categories like your blog? because in my blog I have only home.
    Blog Training
    About Bluelady
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi!
    I really like your blog! I find it very interesting. Are you a student as well as a journalist?

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