Does Cambodia have gigolos?

Cambodia Calling writes a very nice post about female sex tourists in some parts of the world. That makes me think of Cambodia. I am pretty sure that there have been old female sex tourists traveling to Cambodia for this purpose while it is very common for men to do so in this country many people have a hard time to locate on the map.
I felt completely delighted to have written this story about male trafficking, which in a way raised awareness among people who only believed that trafficking and suffering only happened to girls and children. Men, too, suffer in that matter. Cambodia Calling also posted the link of this GlobalPost article about female sex tourism in an African country like Senegal. Desperate, poor, and unemployed, young males are drawn to prostitution for survival.  Is it a new story?
As desperate as Cambodia, females and males are easy to fall prey to this sort of job for just another day.
As quoted in Cambodia Calling:

Sex between two consenting adults does not always mean no one is hurt. Just ask Pape from Senegal who said: “Once I find a good job, I will get my dignity back. But for now, I’m a prostitute.”

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