Motor-Cycle Rickshaw in Cambodida

I had the luxury riding a motorcycle rickshaw last night. It has been more than five years since I haven’t touched the vehicle. The motorcycle rickshaw is very unique in Cambodia and the main transport for middle-class Cambodians who cannot afford their own motorbikes or cars. Different from auto rickshaw, it is pulled by a motorbike which is driven by a man. When I was a child, my daily transport was ‘the motor rickshaw’. Crammed with little pupils on board, as I remember, the motor rickshaw looked very funny while the driver used all his might to control the wheel and later dropped students along the way. Being a motorcycle rickshaw is not exactly a well-paid but exhausting job.  However, as a child, I did have a good memory travelling back and forth from home to school on it. I took it daily thanks to its open-spaced room it offered. Staying on it once again woke me up from my busy current life, and led me to a memorable moment of my childhood. Life moves on so fast, so treasure it before you forget to do it.
According to the definition of ‘Rickshaw‘,

The cycle rickshaw is a small-scale local means of transport; it is also known by a variety of other names such as pedicab, bikecab, cyclobecak, or trishaw. The termRickshaw is used more broadly, and also refers to auto rickshaws, and the, now uncommon, rickshaws pulled by a person on foot. Cycle rickshaws are human-powered, a type of tricycle designed to carry passengers in addition to the driver. They are often used on a for hire basis. Cycle rickshaws are widely used in major cities around the world, but most commonly in cities of SouthSoutheast and East Asia.

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