Don't Move

I am going to be a presenter in the upcoming European Film Festival which will be screened from 29th to 31st of May, 2008. This will be the first funny time which in the future I will laugh at. Why? Because I think I am going to fool myself in front of the audience. How many audience? I don’t know. I will wait and see. To be a presenter in the screening event, I will have to search for more information about the movie. That means, I will have to learn how to promote the film even though I do not personally like it. Of course, I have got to ask, “Who cares whether you like it or not?” Haha. The movie is called “Don’t Move“, an Italian film starred by Penelop Cruz, a famous Spanish actress.

Have you ever been asked not to move? If you want to know about this, come to the Department of Media and Communication, located inside Royal University of Phnom Penh on 29th of May. You will get what you long to know. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Don't Move”

  1. yes, i’m interested!!!! since you’re an MC and since i like going movie-watching!

    but can u tell me what time the movie’s screened!!!


  2. Hello I-don’t-know-who!

    I don’t know why I write this comment, I can’t just deny it, because it’s really interesting about your blog… You sounded pretty indiviual. I’m a new blogger anyway, I hope to learn more from you.

    With love,

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