"Freedom Writers" Reader

What a relief!! I finished reading Freedom Writers several days ago. It’s the first book I put all my heart out for, loving and treasuring every page I could. I didn’t want to miss out a word in the book written by any of the 150 freedom writers or teenagers. It is so inspiring a book that teaches everyone, black or white, yellow or brown, not to be blind to violence and all evil that comes to the world.
But I also regret because there is one missing page in the book. That means, I lost one page written by one of the teenagers. How somber!! I’m looking for someone who has that book with all the pages!!
What will always stay in my mind is the last phrase in the book. “Now I pass this baton to you.”
Yeah, I’ve got it. 😀

2 thoughts on “"Freedom Writers" Reader”

  1. Omg! I really am so shocked to read that you read about the Freedom Writer book! I meant I don’t have that book or even the last page you’re looking for. But I just watched that story, yep… In the DVD movie. Starred by Hilary Swunn, and a bunch of teenagers, one Khmer teenager also included in that movie. It was so cool, I wonder if you have watched the Freedom Writer in movie yet..?

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