I met a ridiculous man!

The ridiculous man I mentioned used to be my teacher of English writing for communication. He is such a kind of ‘difficult’ man, a word Cambodians call a person who has difficulties thinking well. What you can be very annoyed about this man is that he always speaks highly of himself, gets you to appear so stupid and pathetic and beats you in every conversation without giving solutions to any matter he raises during the conversation.
He said he wanted to live in Cambodia forever, well, without telling us why he wanted to live in Cambodia. He tried to shoot you all the critical comments about Cambodia but at last he whispered,” I love living in Cambodia”, smiling at us.
I don’t wanna sound so critical in this situation but I want to question how many foreigners in Cambodia behave like him. How many are taking advantage of this country mired by poverty and corruption? I think the matter should now be taken into Cambodians’ hands.

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  1. Mediawatch-Newstopia

    A minority group of foreigners who are working and living in Cambodia can possibly acting in such a manner because they are aware of what’s going on in our country, they may have some foreign or local friends who are nothing but the pain in the butt [never value our people in appropriate way and always thought that they are better than most local].

    Our people shall stick to out conscious and say to foreigners that enough is enough – if you don’t like it just get neck and go back to where you came from.

  2. As an Asian I do know what you are talking about. These Westerners are found everywhere in Asia, not just in poor Cambodia. The Hong Kongers call them F.I.L.T.H (Failed in London, Try Hong Kong).

    Don’t worry too much about these idiots. Study hard and have a good education which will allow you opportunities. As they say, living well is the best revenge. Your loser teacher will never amount to anything, which is why he is here teaching in the first place–he can stand out in a place where there is no competition. You’re different–you’ll contribute to your society and be a somebody one day.

  3. Hi Mediawatch,

    I think, a lot of “bad” foreigners think that Cambodia is a paradise for them because they can do whatever they want … because they see the examples left by Cambodians… I’ve noticed a few foreigners. when they first came into Cambodia, they respected the law carefully like they did back home.. but soon after they accepted Cambodia, they learnt to do the same..I’m sorry to say.. thsi si the fact… a rather lawless country teaches people to be lawless too..

    Hi Diana,

    I hope people will recognize those foreingers who act very badly in someone’s country.

    Thanks, Diana… Living well is teh best revenge.. that sounds very good… 🙂


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