How fragile a relationship can be!

I actually have no good idea of how to maintain a good relationship with someone we love. I have watched movies, read books and listened to people talk about relationships. When I was a kid, I had no worry or trouble trying to fix any relationship or my own. I felt free and easy to live this life. But growing up, people including me are slowly confronting problems in life, some of which are heart-drenching, indeed.

I’ve heard good stories; I’ve heard heart-breaking stories; and I’ve heard stories that I cry happily about. Right now I’m facing a problem which is not mine but my close friend’s. It’s all about falling in love and falling out of love again. Why is there existence and loss at the same time? Why do human beings suffer for their relationship? All I know is that both sides, if they want to maintain their relationship, must work real hard for it. Yet, from what I notice, rarely do couples or lovers act responsible for their shared role in relationship. And, if they know things cannot work out, they should still behave in a friendly manner and become good friends.

However, I was told a relationship can’t be as easy as I mentioned. There are always obstacles and conflicting ideas. But I stick to this rule: Responsibility and Understanding are the two sole factors to keep us clearly see what is the next step to take rather than an attempt to hurt oneself over the spilt milk.

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  1. It’s very fragile. U got to know how to cherish it or it’ll be gone so in no time.

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