For Eva Rhode

After years of learning ‘news writing’ with Eva Rhode, I’ve developed a great skill to a great extent thanks to her efforts she has put into instilling journalism into our veins.
I can never be here without Eva. She taught me from writing a piece of hot news to features. She taught me journalism eithics, rights and wrong of journalism, and the whole journalism atmosphere. She is a tough woman who doesn’t let you feel free at school without doing your homework. 🙂 She has a tremendous sense of humor. She works very hard for all the students at our media department.
Having taught here for three years, Eva has melted, freezed and heated our heart. She has strengthened our commitment to perform the best for the betterment of the media in Cambodia. She deserves all the compliments and everything from us students. We have also had a lot of fun being with her. We traveled to several provinces like Kratie, Stueng Treng to report. We felt very excited since we were acting like professionals traveling to different countries to report news for the people in our country. So much fun! She’s the one who struggled to find funds for our traveling and reporting. She had different probjects in mind, on the row. She worked hard along with her husband whom achievements owed greatly to.
Our achievements include:
+ writing a great many pieces of stories/articles for EVa
+ traveling to Stueng Treng and Kratie and coming back writing fascinating articles for Eva
+ establishing a press conference attracting a good number of local and foreign media like the Phnom Penh Post
+ creating a multi-media website that contains all the news we students wrote: including legal reporting and court reporting
All she has done is to show us that things have its reasons and ways of doing. We journalists need to have a spider sense to catch things from different directions. We did enjoy your time for years– we spent good and bad times together– and it is very sad that Eva is leaving us soon for her next journey in another country. It’s always like this: Life. The old ones go and the new ones will replace. It’s very sad to be sad about this circle process– but we’ll remember ‘Eva’. We learn a mere great thing from her, “Work hard now or never.”

3 thoughts on “For Eva Rhode”

  1. Such a nice writing Nila! I just wanna let you guys know that I feel the same way and somehow I cannot even find the right words to express myself for all those things that Eva has given to me. I have to admit that she has changed me. She is a crucial part of my university life. Millions of thanks to Eva!


  2. It sounds she got great outcomes: knowledgeable and responsible students. She would be proud of you.

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