I can't name this–it's overwhelmiing

I want this blog post to be my inner strength wherever I am, whatever I deal with… I want to stand straight without stumbling. I never believe I feel so so low, to the bottomest of the bottom this minute. I don’t understand why I can’t explain what is right and wrong. I feel annoyed with myself that I can’t make my messages across. I can’t control everything around me. I agree with this incapacity of mine, but I can’t see why I can’t control things about me or happening to me, myself. I hate it when the truth is not made clear and that there is a chance or room for confusion…
I want this blog post to clear all the doubts that I am what I say, I am what I do, I am what I try to be–me, me and me. I never wish to be either immaculate or perfect. I need to be myself, my true self and everywhere I go, I behave as my usual self, my K.Knila self… I am not who you think I am… I have the power to change whom I want to be… but I also have the finest power to be who I think is right to be!!!

7 thoughts on “I can't name this–it's overwhelmiing”

  1. you will find soon the person you want to be. you are in a period of self-discovery. it happen to everyone. it’s natural and nothing to worry. hope you are feeling better and be happy 😉

  2. Kounila-hey, wait a minute here. Sok Sabai Cheatay Bat? You are always my lead, my guidance, my strength. If you feel low, I’d feel lower too. If you can’t control things, nor can I. But, if you feel you have the finest power, I’d feel that finest power too.

  3. Well said, 18 November, 2008 11:23, it’s about to get me jealous of your remarks.

    As for you, nila, I can feel what you said, it does happen to me once in a while either.

  4. It always happen to me and it becomes the norm.
    Since you are Pisces same as me, I think I can understand.
    You don’t clearly see or feel or explain about yourself, do you??
    Most of time, we just have a vague feeling like this, for some strange reason or for no reason at all. Am I right?
    Don’t feel so low… Who know? tomorrow you might found what it is.

  5. Yes Nila all of these comment are right.Everybody always have the vague feel feeling about themself. I hope your normal feeling will come back soon then you will find that once you feeling down you can’t understand the problems.

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