Ice/Glacier To Disappear from North Pole

Isn’t it sad when you know what you have now is going to change for the worse, not for the better? A few technologically rich countries are trying to discover life-beings in another planet while our Earth has been taken for granted for years and is going to be left to its own devices. It seems unthinkable, but the North Pole is going to be ice-free. Let’s wait and see what effects it will have on the human-beings if they do not start to do something. Some people may deem this post stupid and immature, but believe me, seeing is believing. You will see! Perhaps, you’ve seen or experienced it already! Needless to say, i’ll be a huge destruction.

4 thoughts on “Ice/Glacier To Disappear from North Pole”

  1. Both the North and South poles are facing same problem – glaciers are thinner and disappeared faster than scientists have been predict.

    The Kyoto agreement on climate change has not ratified to its full extends and some countries are yet to sign, in particular the USA.

    Al Gore – the former vice president of USA during Clinton is seen as poigneer and campaign hard for climate change issue [he received a shared Noble price with another scientist].

    Each individual can of course help to reduce the Co2 by adopting green thinking – switch off appliants, lights when no one in the room. Change light bulb to low energy one Ect…


  2. Most powerful and rich countries are spending lots of money to research for the life outside the earth. I don’t object to that but they (USA, China,…) seems to forget the earth.

    According to the news, some countries have already been suffering from the global warming. The flat countries are getting much flood while the lands of some countries in the middle of the ocean are gradually shrinking from the rising of ocean water level….

  3. I’ve also learnt from a Film made by Former Vice-President Al Gore entitled “The Inconvenient Truth” that the US itself is the main contributor to global warming and one of President Bush’s aide has edited the scientific report which testifies the fact of this.

  4. A British scientist (cant remember his name, sorry) has stated that he expects the north pole to be completely ice free within 3 years.
    Pretty unthinkable – and very sad.
    But whats even more sadder than that, is the disgusting scramble for resources that this melting has opened up. None of the countries involved seem to even care that we’re losing the ice. In fact its the opposite, they are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect.
    I’ll never understand human greed. Here are a bunch of human beings who have huge smiles on their faces as our planet dies. That too is pretty sad.
    Oh well, its the world they are making for their kids. I dont have any and decided not to bother. Wouldnt want to bring a child into a world like this, it would end up hating me and I wouldnt blame it.

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