The New Season Festival for July and August

I’m glad they turned their backs at me.
My hair would turn if they looked at me.haha

Scary time for ChildrenCambodia is more colorful than I ever imagine myself. With a lot of festivals each year (public or religious holidays), students, workers may or may not be happy to have a lot of days’ holiday like that. 🙂
Hee Tien Vorsa (rainy season candle procession) is an old tradition which features a surreal couple of walking and dancing scapegoats (people who put on human dummies made of wood and dressed with different pieces of clothing). It is a good time or season for pagoda people who want to collect some budget to build monasteries or save for the rainy day, of course for the pagoda improvement. The people with the dummies covering them walk on the road dancing for the onlookers to see. Always, smiles and laughter come from every witness of the event. Content, people laugh and give money. More than often, people from the countryside travel to Phnom Penh and celebrate this. This brings together an old tradition and a new modern environment in Phnom Penh. It doesn’t mean that Phnom Penh is that modern, yet it is much better and improved than the countryside where some people take it for granted. The old generation might not be able to stop smiling all days and the young might keep laughing all years reminding themselves about how those people dance and hysterically fall into a sewage hold in Phnom Penh, a common joke portrayed on TV.


2 thoughts on “The New Season Festival for July and August”

  1. Hee Tien Vorsa? I know Hee Kar Then. What’s the different? Oh, I am Cambodian but I almost forget Hee Tien Vorsa tov heouy.

  2. oh, Tinh Morng!!!

    haven’t seen them for quite a while! i used to be scared stiff of them too! 😛

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