My internship ends as school is approaching

It’s been a great time interning at one of the most prestigous online news agencies like AFP. I feel that I’ve been really honored to be accepted and learnt a lot from it. Ranging from setting up interviews, choosing the best quotes to write and the best topics to write about, and writing styles, what I’ve learnt is a unique experience.
Nothing, as believed so far, can beat online news agencies at the moment as long as its punchy, concise, accurate style still remains online. I found a lot of surprising moments at the agency; how fast the reporters work and how great the agency system is. Another subtle difference is how the audience looks at the online news and daily news. The agencies are committed to bringing a worldly interesting news into light, which is a struggle for a “news” newbie like me.
As far as I can remember my news writing lecturer’s punchy words, I had to prepare myself to be a servant during an internship. “Prepare yourself to be a servant.” Rest assured. It doesn’t mean each intern has to literally be a servant. My teacher just wanted to emphasize that to intern somewhere like a media organization, one has to be ready to sacrifice for the organization, do whatever is asked to contribute and learn a great deal of how the work is done.
I am happily looking toward my school which starts in half September. 🙂 Really, I’m feeling excited about what else to come to me very soon. And I’d like to apoligize for my fans who have taken so much pains waiting for the subsequent posts of mine. 🙂

3 thoughts on “My internship ends as school is approaching”

  1. Mediawatch-Newstopia

    It’s good to hear that you’ve learned a great deal during your internship with AFP.

    Any internship or work experience is and will always be a wonderful path and serve as the eye opening to a variety of exposures – best exposures one ever wishes to have.

    These day, online news is more attractive and fast reaching news to potential billion of people around the globe, and the best thing about it is that people can interact with media instantly – by way of feed backs and comments.

    Best of lucks to you, and please keep up the good work

  2. You’re right. 🙂

    It’s an awesome path… but i’m still considering which way I want to go… however, it gives me basic ideas to start to do something else… haha

    thank you.

  3. Mediawatch-Newstopia

    It’s your choice, whichsoever way you choose shall reflect your own belief [whether or not people agreed or disagreed with you] and story shall be punctuated rather than ambiguos.

    By the way, media is here to sell the news and get rating

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