The First World Bank Seminar in Cambodia

What do you know about the missions of the World Bank in Cambodia? World Bank provided funds to the government of Cambodia but for the very first time, World Bank plans to offer a big amount of budget to civil organizations or NGOs.

During the seminar, there was an annoucement of the short essay winners who are young Cambodians.

very fresh in the morning
very fresh on the morning of the seminar at Chaktomuk Theatre

waiting for an entry

students rushing in to register

so tired
not very happy

the booths that tell about social accountability…

a very nice slang
Working together for social accountability

the riverside in the afternoon
The sunshine was there, as if giving a blessing to the winners.

The winners! All are!
I felt very happy after the competition. It’s not the prize or other things that keep me happy except the realization that I have learned a lot from the essay and my teammate in research. What could be better than realizing that you learnt a lot?

getting 2nd prize
Getting the prize 😀
My teammate and I were really excited to get the honorary certificate. I believe that so many other Cambodian students out there also tried their best to write a meaningful and practical essay for themselves and the whole country. Some might not have been able to join the essay competition due to some reason. Yet, don’t get sad about it as there will be another following essay competition in the next year to come. Again, I fervently believe that it is necessary for us to join a competition and not to worry if we win or lose as it doesn’t matter as yet. When I first joined, I also thought of that but that didn’t detect me from going foward into the competition.

Copyright@ Photos by Mr. Sar Chesda

5 thoughts on “The First World Bank Seminar in Cambodia”

  1. Hey, are u one of the winner? I didn’t submit my article 🙂 Can you share with all of us your article?

  2. Hi Mr. Borin,

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog.

    Yes, I am one of the winners. I got the second place along with my brother Chesda (Sar). Would you like me to post it in my blog or send you the softward copy?

  3. Hmm…there’s one thing I want to say. It’s sad you didn’t submit your essay. The most important thing was to join the competition. But you can share your ideas with us too. I hope that next year you can join it. 😀

  4. Kounila,
    Congratulations on your hard work!
    Keep up with good work. I can tell you will win more.


  5. HI Brother Vanak,

    Thanks a lot. 😀 The good result is attributed to my teammate, so we both share it.

    Yeahhh, I will keep up with hard work..ahaa…and ohhh..will I win more? 🙂 I have to see…:D

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