The Water Festival 2007

This year, 2 million people were expected to go to the riverside to see the boat race and the huge exhibition in Phnom Penh. Too crowded? The water festival is celebrated every year for three days in November in remembrance of the naval armies who devoted for Cambodia and of the great usefulness of water which has always played a significant role in raising crops like rice, corn and the like. Without water, no life exists. Hurray! The water festival!

Good steps from the government this year were conducted. In order to keep the city from extremely congested traffic, the traffic police were commanded to prevent big cars from coming into the cities. Even tuk-tuks were banned in the city during the water festival. Even walking was really hard at the riverside and around the town center.

Ohhh, how about the rubbish? Hmm, I noticed still people like the sellers and customers threw rubbish away carelessly ( I must say). Who’s gonna pick up all the rubbish? I hope you will exclaim, “Don’t tell me the rubbish will be kept there.” Haha, no no no. I have heard that some young people (students) and kids from the riverside kid organization will volunteer to pick up the rubbish. What a relief?

Water festival 2007

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  1. Kounila, make it 2 million and one. Although I was not there physically, my spirit was. I’ve listened to RFA for the last five days.

    My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones.

    Did you go see the festival too?

  2. Hi Vannak,

    I hope you were spiritually there at the riverside. Oh, good, you like listening to RFA? Ahhaa, most of my friends and I like listening to RFI (radio france international). Hee…

    During the ancient times, people liked travelling on boats as well. They even fought with enemies on water. Well, the water festival is a good time for farmers coming from every province to show off their skills and talent of rowing boats. Ones have to be very strong to be against the powerful current of Tonle (river).

    On Friday, a sad thing happened. About 5 Singaporean boat racers drowned. It was reported that they didn’t wear the lifejackets..My heart goes out to them who in fact came to compete but ended up dying in the water. Whose fault?

    Yeah, I did go see the festival once on 24 (Saturday. Oh, it was too crowded. I did take some pictures of the crowd and will post them soon..:D

    Did people there celebrate it like the new year? 😀

  3. I guess not, because it is chilly during this time in the US. I think they do it in summer in Boston. The main events we celebrate are new year and Pjum Ben.

    Is RFI online too? I have never listined to RFI. I like Kim Pov Soton’s voice on RFA. Actually I like all the voices.

    Imagine you are an RFA reporter. “This is Kounila Keo reporting from Siem Reap.” 😀

  4. I see…thanks, brother Vanak for information.

    RFI is broadcast on air (radio) every evening from 7 to 8 (Cambodia) :D. But you can also download the audio through the RFI website. Kim Pov Soton is a lecturer I am going to study with in the 3rd year. I will tell her for you that you like her voice so much. Do you know Reporter Chheang Bopha, a very young woman who works for RFI too? She’s my lecturer :).

    It would be wonderful to work as an RFA reporter. “This is Kounila Keo reporting from the DMC (department of media and communication, RUPP).

    Thanks a lot. :-p

  5. Kounila, thank you so much for sharing stories and pics of the water festival. It’s always a pleasure for me to find out about your country’s culture. Sourm-or-kun!

  6. Kounila,
    Good, tell her now. Tell her that I admire her work, her voice and her direct questioning. I have never heard of Chheang Bopha’s voice. But, it does not matter. Her name Bopha defines her voice and her charactor already. Tell her that I will listen to RFI too.

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