To make a change is to take risk-UNESCO Youth Forum 2011

Writing from Paris/France
Before I interviewed Edwin Haluoleo Agus, a 24-year-old Indonesian and one of the 2010 youth delegates from Indonesia to the UNESCO Youth Forum, I apologized to him saying that I had no idea of what he had done and had done no single research about him. But there’s something about him that made me wanna interview him.
He talked without anxiety and so much at ease on the stage at the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. Then, he spoke cheerfully to everyone he met. Later, I found out that he is an Indonesian pro singer, a former assistant lecturer at one university in Indonesia and now a coordinator of UNESCO Youth Desk in his country. Finally, I asked him whether he had to give up so much of everyday life to become one of the change makers: he simply and wisely said that to make a change is to take a rest. 🙂
Because his voice is vocal, I think I can do him justice by putting up the audio interview here.