Writing from Paris/France
I honestly appreciate anybody who makes a difference wherever he or she goes. For the whole time I’ve been here, I’ve met the young people who have made small changes with global impact. Today is also the third day of the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum which saw many debates and discussions among the young delegates. A Cambodian delegate I talked to told me that she was surprised how our voice was cheerfully accepted and that made her proud. I’ve made a mental count of Asian delegates I’ve talked to. More than 10. Ehhh, I suddenly felt like I was so biased here because there are hundreds of delegates from other countries and regions from around the world to talk to as well.
Oops, but for a good reason actually, that’s because Asian delegates are pretty shy in nature, and I need to make them speak. (I’m shy myself, ain’t I? :”>). Two days ago, Aya Imai from Japan, was selected as a representative of all the youth delegates from Asia for this year, and she amazed me and other Asians for how well she spoke just within 30 seconds to convince the whole room packed of more than 200 people to vote for her. She did it, yay!