What is change to you?

Listen to our mp3 podcast. Is it a million dollar question? Is easy or difficult to answer? Has ‘change’ been relegated into a theoretical form in many countries? Some people are very afraid of change, but many want change to really exist rather than just in words or theory.
Today we’ve talked to young people randomly selected from different regions to tell us what change means to them. Our team found out that there are some common answers to the question of “What is change to you?” We all want improvement to our present situation or problems, and as one Egyptian youth delegate puts it, “Change is the sustainability of life.” Let’s hear other young people say what they think.

Do you believe that these women are real agents of change in their country? I do. (Left to Right: Indian, Kenyan, Nigerian, Cambodian & Egyptian)

1 thought on “What is change to you?”

  1. Hi Kounila,
    We met at the 20-20 presenters dinner a few weeks back, and was delighted to hear your reaction to “Impressing the Whites”:
    “It is very important for success, in Cambodia. We are aware of it.”
    I will be leaving Cambodia next weekend, most likely, with the return date uncertain.
    And I have 2 copies of Impressing the Whites and a 5 copies of other titles left with me, which I would be happy to part with if you are interested. (I have priced them at around $10 to $20).
    I would have loved to have met Khmers like you . . . I am not very outgoing, and hardly drink, and as I am a writer mainly keeping to myself, I met only ordinary Khmers, who speak broken, simple English, if at all, not even a fraction as articulate as you are.
    With good wishes

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