Voxpop on: Why should the policy makers listen to young people?

Reported by Kounila Keo & Rajneesh Bhadhari
I took a chance to ask young people I met at the Youth Forum about why policy makers should listen to the young people.
I did a random selection and made sure that I asked young people from different regions.
So you can also tell me why they should listen to us young people.
(Credit: Jingle by Exit Project-Fly high)

2 thoughts on “Voxpop on: Why should the policy makers listen to young people?”

  1. Policy -makers ought to listen to young people and gauge their opinions on critical issues because we inherit whatever programmes or policies are implemented. I think this is particularly important when the issues being discussed directly relate to young persons. When we (persons 15-24) are the ones who are being discussed and affected by these policies it is important that we have an input in the actual process.

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