What kind of culture is this?

I sleep, I get up, I eat, I become full. I study, I go to work. I get tired,I have time to fall my body down the floor and fall asleep. I laugh, I cry, I even prattle.

What about dump site dwellers? No human being wishes to get near to de dump, let alone living there.
The living conditions are so traumatising, health-eroding and dangerous.I have been there many times for school assignments, personal interest and work. Several villagers there told me local and international visitors come and go for their own sake,taking photos,promisng this could help and getting away as soon as they finish off.

I happened to meet a boy from a family whose life is exactly dependent upon de boy’s earning from de dump.My heart stood still when I was looking at the small body rushing to get the most needed thing, thrown-away rubbish.It seems like everyone there falls ill every day, not because there are not NGO clinics there but they are not well informed. Strangely enough,de boy’s mom i sent to a clinic half a kilo metre away said she never knew there were clinics around there. The whole family is sick. They live with rubbish but are very struggling pp. Choosing not to beg on streets,they end up here.

Besides this story, there are countless anecdotes of children hit by rubbish trucks and refused to be treated by doctors. Just for $200 they cant afford now,they are not allowed to live. Last Sunday, a friend told another story of this. A 17 year old girl big earner was run over by a rubbish truck,refused entry to hospital since the truck driver got no money, and left bleeding to death. The other NGOs who could help ran too late. Sadly,people seemingly are not well informed the organisations around there can lend a hand!!!From Nila To the world…

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  1. It’s pretty heartbreaking to read this. But I live not far away from the dump site. And I see those people everyday, kids with dirty clothes, a package full of trashes on their back. I know how it feels.

  2. I do see this kind of thing happening around, but I’m not so sure of how we can avoid poverty and increase awareness in the whole world! though I’m very sorry for their situation, I, sometimes, feel that it’s simply impossible to eradicate all this. Very simple, see how many welfare organization are there in the whole world, but we barely see any improvement. It’s a drop in a ocean.

    I think the over population leading to imbalance. Resources available on the earth are not sufficient to evenly distributed to all. Evolution has to answer this. I see “poverty”, even in my epics, where “God” used to rule the world!

    Every human just needs to try what he can do and get on with their life. If you don’t do your share, that drop will be less in the ocean. Every drop is an important to make someone’s life cheerful. After all, that happiness is quite different if you help someone. One needs to do good work and enjoy.

    All the best to the world…

  3. Dont rely on NGOs, UNs or any aid agencies too much. These people are more or less opportunist. They only plough on our back, using the keywords which are commonly referred to Cambodia (one of the poorest countries in the world, the poverty-stricken country, the war-torn country in the last few decades, khmer rouge, killing field…) to exacerbate the situation in order to attract donors. When the funds fall from the sky, these “Hyenas” take the most out of it and only the bones or very little flesh attached to the bone left for khmer people. Believe me, it’s true. See how they live their lives off on tax-free 8000$pm in luxuray villas with maids, bargirls, flying business class etc. See how hard they are compared to those living in the garbage dump not to mention about people living in extreme poverty at the countryside?

    NGO worker

  4. Honestly, I’ve never seen the dump area with my own eyes and I’m willing to go to that place to see it.

    Btw, yeah it reminds me Slumdog millionaire movie.

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