How could I forget my birthday?

I reached a point where I did not realize that March 6th 2009 was my birthday. The night before, I hit the sack early since I was very tired rushing around classes and some freelancing work. My brain was littered with school work and my own job, and especially DEATH LINE (deadline) of my story to be finished, for my editor.
How could I forget my birthday? When I look back, I smile. Without the admistrator unconsciously emphasizing the date, I would never realize. “Today is March 6th,” she said. “March 6th?” I thought, surprised within myself. 21 years ago, a girl was born, without realizing what she would be like in the future. Her parents had no clue—her father wanted her to be a boy– but she demanded her rights to be born as a girl but with a boy’s spirit… Haha.. it is not a fairy tale, at last.
After my mother delivered me, my father came to our side. He raised me up and looked at the place which could tell him exactly if I was a boy or a girl. He beamed when he saw me. But after some inspection, “Heyya, a girl again,” he thought. 😀 Months before, my mother in her pregnancy showed a sign of me to be born as a boy. She dreamt of a dark green-gemmed blacelet before I was born. Cambodians believe that if women dream of anything that belongs to a girl, the baby will be a girl. Father wanted me as ‘a boy’. How could I suite his taste? 😀 And, at last, I turned out to be like him, quite brown, though female. 😀 That offsets everything, doesn’t it? 😀

3 thoughts on “How could I forget my birthday?”

  1. Hope you managed to do something special to celebrate your special day!
    I’m proud of you standing your ground and being “boyish”! Just remember you’re a very pretty girl too, and you’re allowed to be just that if you should choose to ^^

  2. yes, we have got a lob lob 21 years ago, stupid!! This is the age here we treat as eligible age for marriage 😉

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