Who inspires me to name this blog "Inside My Heart"?

(My old blog title)
It’s a long story that I’ve been here for nearly two years. Well, ‘nearly’ is not always enough. 🙂 I hope a lot of my friends are interested to know why I have named my blog ‘Inside My Heart’. Some thought this name is a bit authentic, old-fashioned, accentric, childish and maybe of too-good-to-be-true sort.
Before I registered to make this blog, I spent time days and nights thinking of a name for this blog. I believed it had to be genuine and not some kind of a hipocritic type that is just nice on the outside. And even before that, I was drawn to philosophy of a middle-aged man called Prem Rawat. How could he come to my life at first? It was in 2004 that my classmate introduced me to him. She and I attended the video session every weekend; we watched videos of his giving speeches in different countries. His message was just so clear for me enough and until now I have spread his message all though my body and soul.
We know that human beings are vulnerable beings. Thus, what he has been trying to say to all the people is that happiness is within. It has to be felt. Since many people around the world try to find happiness from different sources like wealth, health, fame, they sometimes do forget what’s special about themselves. Some get upset over the things they have and some others are never ever satisfied because of the things they have/don’t have. Of course, he does not prevent human beings from doing their everyday job and fulfilling their responsiblities. Whatsoever, they must never forget that each of them has the potential to be blessed, truly happy and content with life through self-knowledge.
Every one of us can’t escape suffering but that doesn’t mean we can’t be blessed with happiness either. So why not? Happiness that one can only experience, without depending on other human beings or dependable things. So here comes my blog, Inside my heart. It’s actually all about me, nobody else. I don’t pretend to be who I am not and my ideas are actually from me now. Maybe in a few years, I get older and change, but I will also keep posting my change in life. “Nothing remains without change.”

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  1. This post really gives me a wake up call. Deary, I just want to read it over and over again with this phrase: “I get older and change, but I will also keep posting my change in life. “Nothing remains without change.” I really love the way your story told.

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