A moment to remember my childhood

That’s the same old thing that is happening today, isn’t it? It’s the Chinese New Year. My family celebrates it, boiling chickens, cooking several Chinese foods. Everyone gets bloated because of one of the old Chinese dish which is made of different foods. Wah, that would take a paragraph to describe. “Chab Chhai” can stink but in the first day, it tastes so good. Anyway, it doesn’t last long because many dishes are mixed into one.
I didn’t join the celebration— but was always thinking of how everyone was enjoying it. After work, i rode back home. I wanted to stop at my primary school…. i learnt there from first to sixth grade. I do think I have good memories there… some are very embarrassing like urinating accidentally in class… :-p I was standing and couldn’t bear it.. but I was also afraid of my shouting teacher… she was like a tigress… but my school is just smaller now… maybe due to bad management.. i heard the director there sold some part of the land, on which a wooden building I studied in Sixth grade in was demolished…
You might have your own memories somewhere as a child— if i had a magic wand now, i’d turn myself into 6-year-old Kounila. Then, this time, I would not have urinated accidentally but become more mischievous … 🙂

2 thoughts on “A moment to remember my childhood”

  1. Hahahaha I won’t deny that I used to be like you. But it happened only at night whenever I dreamed of floating in water or else. Many time, actually. 😀 I should hiding my face and run away now. It’s so embarrassing! teehee

    I hope you have a nice time on Chinese New Year. As me, I did very enjoy that day. Reunion time and watched all old video collections back in 10 years ago. Nice heh?

  2. I tended not to go back on my childhood memories whether it were good or bad sweet or bitter even though I am still remembering all those year at primary school.

    For facts that life is changing when we are growing up and so does the events and environment surrounding us.

    However, I cannot deny that sometimes I did go back into the past just to remind me that I should be happy with my current achievement.

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