Interview with Preahko

This was a fun interview. What I said was not intentionally meant to hurt anybody, and right from the heart, I hope people could see that Cambodia is moving thanks to all this positive energy of the young aspiring Cambodian youth.

Link to Preahko

5 thoughts on “Interview with Preahko”

  1. You almost sound like a foreigner while the interviewer almost sounds like a Cambodian. Very interesting!

  2. I can’t believe NGO had produced such a competent human resource in Cambodia.
    Do you have any plan to bring about the so call KAR OB ROM ? or education ?

  3. Quote “What I said was not internationally meant to hurt anybody . .” Unquote. You mean intentionally OR internationally?
    Well done Kounila! Wish you all the very best!

  4. Kounila,
    I’m very impressed by your English and Khmer language skills. keep up the good work. you’ll reach your dream someday. best wishes always!
    from one kon khmer to another!!!
    Khmer love Khmer and Khmer help Khmer!!!
    Long Beach, CA – USA 🙂

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