Geocache and travellers

Who says travelling is not a big deal? Henner Lei, a young man from Germany, says that he’s been travelling to different countries for several purposes. One of them is to find containers which might have “a few coins, a watch, a pen, and if lucky, some money.” If you wonder how, I’ll tell you

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NGO Draft Law in Cambodia, 2012

NGOs criticise the latest draft law for being more confusing than ever, raising more questions than they answer PHNOM PENH — The highly anticipated fourth draft of the controversial law covering activities of associations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia which was released on December 12 has drawn criticism from various quarters of the country’s

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Movies about Cambodia

After I scanned through several entertainment posts related to Cambodia in KhmerBird blog, I’ve started to realize that I have missed something nice! On my way back from Paris, I was put on Air France that has a direct flight from Phnom Penh to Paris with a short stop-over in Bangkok. On the plane, they had

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