My Animal Farm

My little sis and her husband have set up an animal farm in the backyard where they raise rabbits, hamsters, geese, ducks, chickens, and white mice. I still remember the smell that lingers around my bedroom. You know the kind of smell that is so typical of an animal farm … 🙂 They were planning

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Geocache and travellers

Who says travelling is not a big deal? Henner Lei, a young man from Germany, says that he’s been travelling to different countries for several purposes. One of them is to find containers which might have “a few coins, a watch, a pen, and if lucky, some money.” If you wonder how, I’ll tell you

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"I Love Your Life"

I have heard people tell me “I love your life”, “Your life is exciting, so can I have yours?”, “I’m jealous.” Most of the time, I don’t know how to respond when friends confront me but keep pondering how. Maybe I’ve done something different from what my people have, but the fact is that I

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What 2011 means to me

(Note: This is a very personal blog, so please bear with me, as I am trying hard to tone down the excitement.) When my friends asked me what could be fun, I said nothing beats blogging. I believe that if things aren’t fun, they’re not worth doing. Since early 2007, blogging has been my favourite pastime.

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